Become an Ambassador

Communication is essential to the success of the Hope for Nicaragua mission team.  We are looking for ambassadors who will represent our team at their church by initiating and organizing various communications and activities.

What does an ambassador do?

  • Provide a focal point at your church for communication and answering questions about the Hope for Nicaragua mission team.
  • Attend the different life/home groups at your church to share about our team.
  • Give a presentation one or more times a year at your church.
  • Organize fund raisers and collect family pack items at your church.
  • Actively participate in our Facebook page by adding local fun, photos and flavor from your church.
  • Recruit field team members.
  • Help build our email list.

We have resources to help you! 

If it is on your heart to be a team ambassador at your church, get in touch and let us help you.  We have many communication resources including:

  • BMDMI brochures.
  • Presentation materials (PowerPoint and/or paper handouts).
  • Videos.
  • Email signup sheets.
  • A cool missions bible study for life/home groups.
  • Complete instructions for a Valentine’s Day “Love Basket” event.
  • Any other type of presentation or communications material you might need – just let us know!