How Can I Help?

We need individuals, churches and other organizations who will “adopt” some of our material needs.  A one-time, one-year gift or, an ongoing commitment to support a particular area of material needs for current and future years…

All of our online donations go through one of our sending churches, Community of Grace Church. 100% of what you donate will go directly to the mission field in Nicaragua.

Click here to donate online – Be sure to select "Nicaragua" from the drop down menu.

Here are some specific areas of need.  Would you please give your thoughtful and prayerful consideration helping us carry the load for any area of material needs that you would feel led to helping with?

Bibles: $3.00 each

Our goal is to purchase 1,000 bibles for each mission trip.  We buy these in Nicaragua and for just three dollars, we get a complete Old and New Testament Bible in Spanish.

Rice and Beans:  $31.00 for one family

Thirty-one dollars will purchase enough rice and beans to feed a family of five for one week.  We purchase our rice and beans in Nicaragua for a very good price and our goal is to purchase 7 tons (combined rice and beans) which will be given to the families who come through our clinic.  Our total funding goal for this quantity of rice and beans is $3,000.

Nicaraguan Band Members:  $100.00 per person/week

We hire a local worship band whose music truly helps us connect with the community during our daily worship services.  These are gifted men who truly pour out their talent and help people draw near to the Lord through worship. There are five band members.  Support one band member or, the whole band…

Nicaraguan Translators:  $130.00 per person/week

Every mission trip requires a significant amount of language support and we will typically hire 26-28 translators to assist in all the different ministry areas.

Cervical Cancer Clinic:  $250.00 for all supplies

We provide screening for over one hundred women and usually see 10-15% positives or more.  We are able to treat all positive cases using cryotherapy and stop the cancer in its tracks.

Forklift:  $200.00

We need to rent a forklift to load our pallets onto a trailer for transportation to the port in Kenner, Louisiana.

Nicaraguan Medical Staff:  $386.00 per person/week

We typically hire 6-7 local doctors to supplement capacity for our medical clinic and cervical cancer screening along with 1 or 2 dentists and a local veterinarian.

Eyeglasses:  $500.00 for prescription eyeglasses

For five hundred dollars, BMDMI provides a full inventory of pre-tested prescription eyeglasses along with the auto refractor for testing eyes and laptop computer with the inventory database for all of the prescription glasses.

Veterinary Supplies:  $2,000 for medicine and supplies

Our vet team reaches out beyond the clinic to bring love and hope to people by vaccinating their cows, horses, dogs and pigs.  We provide vaccinations for the most common diseases and provide vitamins as well to help make the animals strong and healthy.

Maintenance Supplies:  $250 for all supplies

Our team members who serve in maintenance take care of everything that breaks and… lots of things break.  From general repairs to helping our team members to be more comfortable, our maintenance staff keeps everything up and running.

Medical and Dental Clinic Supplies:  $1,500 for all supplies

Our medical and dental clinics require many supplies ranging from syringes and needles to dental bibs to wound care supplies and much, much more.  These are clinic supplies like you would find in any doctor’s or dentist’s office.

Fuel:  $1,000 for diesel fuel

The supplies we ship to Nicaragua are packed and palletized in Colorado and must be delivered to the port in Kenner, Louisiana to begin their journey over the ocean to Nicaragua.  This is the fuel for our volunteer drivers to complete the round trip to and from the port.

Medicine for Pharmacy:  $10,000

This is our largest budget item and essential to the function of our clinic.  We purchase medicines at wholesale costs which are a fraction of what it would cost for these same medicines at your local pharmacy.  We dispense many thousands of prescriptions every year.

Food for Team:  $4,000

This is our second-largest budget item.  In addition to our North American missionaries, we also have village helpers, BMDMI staff, translators and many others who we hire in Nicaragua.  Our meal plan is typically for about 120 people, three meals per day.

Please make all checks payable to: Community of Grace Church and note on the memo line “Nicaragua Mission Fund”.

Mailing Address:
Community of Grace Church
4343 South Flanders Street
Centennial, CO  80015
Attn:  Nicaragua Mission Fund

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    Project Life™ is a program coordinated by Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International to provide more extensive and ongoing medical care to a limited number of patients selected by our medical team.

    We inevitably have patients though our clinic, often children, with conditions we are unable to treat with our field medical resources.  Cleft palates (a hole in the roof of the mouth) in children are typical Project Life candidates along with other needs for surgical procedures and more extensive rehabilitation.

    Our team can provide support for up to ten Project Life patients depending on the estimated costs which we will not know until we are in the field.

    We need an established fund for Project Life so that we can make commitments to thesespecial patients when we are in the field.

    To support the Project Life fund, please send a check in any amount and please know that we are very grateful, and blessed by your support!

    We are funded by faith in the love offerings of those who have it on their heart to support the Hope for Nicaragua mission team and, the beautiful people of Nicaragua. Thank you!


    Mailing Address:
    Community of Grace Church
    4343 South Flanders Street
    Centennial, CO  80015
    Attn:  Nicaragua Mission Fund

    When God’s people join together in prayer over specific needs, amazing things happen!  Please lift up the Hope for Nicaragua mission team in regular and sincere prayer.

    Pray that obstacles would be removed, and our path made clear… that the people and resources for each area of ministry would be raised.  Pray for safety in travel and, in the field.

    Pray that our team members would be bold, strong and focused in His will.  Pray that the team captain would have clear vision and the leadership necessary to move God’s will, for His team and for His purposes… into action.

    Pray for the hearts of the beautiful Nicaraguan people we will serve… that they will be open and prepared for the Good News of Jesus Christ.